Congratulations on taking the bold step of joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) company and setting out on your own as a salesperson! If you are still considering joining an MLM company, know that legitimate ones are not scams and they provide workers with legitimate opportunities to run their own small business by selling products. As you start to formulate your […]

Why You Should Consider Joining a Multi-level Marketing Program The rise of the internet has led to the growth of more opportunities across the globe. Multi-level marketing is one of the results of this. Multi-level marketing is simply working together with existing distributors in agreement that they get a percentage once they recruit other sales people. For some, they have […]

Many of the top 20 marketing companies have listed as top runners for many years. Their marketing strategies are legendary and taught in many colleges. Some of the most successful companies are experts at multi-level marketing (MLM). 1. Avon Products (AVP) is one of the top marketing firms earning 11.3 billion founded in 1886 Avon sells fragrances, clothing, and jewelry. […]

Direct sales companies increasingly offer high-quality, unique products to help customers achieve optimal health and wellness. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain energy, or naturally treat illnesses, the perfect product for you is out there. Here are five popular health and wellness products sold through direct marketing companies: 1. DoTerra Essential Oils – These natural oils are changing the […]

The opportunity to make money in the multi-level marketing industry is vast and growing. MLM distributors can seize the opportunity to build a residual income by building their downline through direct sales. However, direct sales mean direct contact, and this is where many people get nervous. The fear of making that first phone call can be a daunting challenge to […]

People judge others by their appearance, and this is done in many ways. For example, some people are judged by how attractive they are while others are judged by their overall appearance. A good appearance usually means that you will get paid a little more than others. This aspect of you matters, especially if you are in the health and […]